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The most beautiful place in the world. Located 68*9´North in the Atlantic ocean gives this surf destination world class waves. Unstad Arctic Surf is in the archipelago of Lofoten i Norway and the world most northern surf school.

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October 15, 2017


Wave forecast valid thru Monday the 16th of October to Sunday the 22nd
of October.

Forecast Overview:

As we see that large swell generated over the weekend that has created
some of the more tastier surf that’s lashed our coastline. We will see
that swell fade rapidly in the next few days with windy conditions and
choppy seas expected to continue for the next few days.

Unstad has just felt the brunt of a substantial WSW/SW swell-event,
showing peak size on Sunday. The swell is predicted to settle and we
should see some great conditions across Unstad from Wednesday onwards,
with mixed options opening up as the swell heights drop.

As the swell drops so will the winds and there will be good windows of
clean or semi-clean conditions throughout this week with Wednesday and
Thursday shaping up as the best picks.

Detailed Forecast:

Monday: 2.9m W Swell – Very Strong OnShore Winds

Tuesday: 2.5m W Swell – Strong OnShore Winds

Wednesday: 1.2m W/WNW Swell – Fresh Cross-Shore Winds

Thursday: 0.8m WNW Swell – Gentle OffShore Winds

Friday: 0.4m WSW Swell – Moderate OffShore Winds

Saturday: 0.3m W/NW Swell – Gentle OffShore Winds

Sunday: 0.6m N Swell – Moderate Cross/OffShore Winds